Sunday, 16 December 2018

Woden's Wald Project - 1

This will be an ongoing project so I have decided to make this a series of posts which will come out as things progress. As I said, for the first time in over a thousand years a woodland site has been dedicated to Woden and the English Gods. This site will become one of the Spiritual Centres of Folkish Wodenism in the South of England, coming under Woden's Folk which is the esoteric arm of the WF-C. The Wolves of Woden will operate from Woden's Wald and look after its upkeep. 

Ingwe's Weoh -

Wulfgar and I built a wooden altar which is covered with a layer of turf; in front of this is a Sacred Stone and Twin Pillars, and in the ground is a fitting in which the Irminsul will be placed at our Sacred Rites. This area has been marked out with a few wooden posts into which runes have been cut with a chainsaw. The area has been set aside for our Sacred Rites. This area has a number of coppiced Sweet Chestnut Trees which have borne some nuts which were eaten by the squirrels - we have to share!

I have decided to rename this area Ingwe's Weoh because Ingwe is the Divine Ancestor of the English Folk, Lord of the High Elves and the area next to this is dedicated to Idunn who was also an Elf-Goddess. This area is being prepared for the Midwinter Mark-Moot, hence the greenery that has been placed around the Wooden Altar, and the Yule-Tree on the right. 

Idunn's Ahls -

Next to this area is Idunn's Ahls which has been planted with apple trees, a pear tree and some gooseberry bushes. The intention is also to make a small herb-garden here too; the herbs can be used to make teas but also to burn on the Sacred Fire. This area of fruit trees, fruit bushes and herbs is dedicated to Idunn, the Goddess of Regeneration who guards the Golden Apples of Immortality. This area has a number of small birch-trees with areas that will be cleared to make more room in the near future. The Birch-Tree is sacred to Berkana, the Birch-Goddess and Goddess of the Dawn and Spring. Yet again another symbol of regeneration and resurrection.

Wulf's Burgh - 

Wulfgar noticed an earthen-mound behind Ingwe's Weoh which we cleared of bracken and brambles during the last Summer and early Autumn. We do not, of course, know whether this is an ancient burgh but there are certain things that see to indicate that it could be -

  • Having cleared the area behind this it turns out that it looks more like a round-barrow.
  • The woodland is on the South Downs which is covered from one end to the other with round-barrows, as well as much larger barrows above Kingsley Vale Forest. 

We have put posts in the ground to mark what will be a pathway to the burgh. The mound has obviously been weathered and we intend to rebuild this and create a small ditch around it as a marker-boundary. 

Ancestral Weoh -

Next to Wulf's Burgh will be the Ancestral Weoh which will be dedicated to our forebears, to those who have lived and died in this glorious struggle, and to those of our own who wish to have their ashes scattered in such a Sacred Area. If this has not been a burial-area it certainly will be made into one. 

Woden's Hearg - 

This has been covered before and used at our Midsummer Mark-Moot; a hearg is not just a 'pile of stones' but has a very deep and esoteric meaning - it relates to the 'stone' as a boundary-marker. This marks the boundary of a sacred area and is neither in nor out, neither one nor the other - it remains in a liminal state. 

Friday, 7 December 2018

The Blot in Folkish Wodenism

"Whoever does not drink of my blood or eat of my body will not be one with me, and I will not be one with him."


"Whoever eats of my flesh and drinks of my blood will have eternal life." (*)


Up until these times there is a Christian Ritual where the 'flesh' and the 'blood' of Christ is drunk, even though the meaning of this ancient Heathen Ritual is not known. This has nothing whatever to do with a 'blood sacrifice' nor to do with 'cannibalism' but has a secret meaning hidden from the profane.

Clearly, from the above quotes, the second being taken from a Heathen source such as this and adapted to the Christian Bible. But looking at the first we can see what this hidden meaning is. Our Heathen Ancestors were well aware of the magical act of eating the flesh and drinking the blood of an animal, thus taking in the essence of that animal. This would thus have also been applied to that of a god-force, but in this case something else would be substituted for the 'flesh' and the 'blood' of the animal. 

We have the Norse Myth where the Mead of Inspiration is made from mixing the blood of Kvasir with honey; the clue lies in the term 'blood' once again, for this is the blood of a god-force. We can apply this to a 'blot' where the 'blood' is thus the Holy Mead we drink, thus drinking the Blood of a God - whatever god we deem fit to invoke. We can thus assume that the use of something like bread or cakes would assume the role of the 'flesh' as in the 'wafers' used in the Christian Mass. That is not to say that animals were not hallowed, slain and eaten as a Sacrificial Rite to the gods. 

We can extend this now to the Mystery of the Sang Real where the 'Royal Blood' is drunk from the San Greal - the 'Sacred Cup'. We should see these ideas as below-

  • The 'flesh' is the Astral Body.
  • The 'blood' is the Astral Blood. 

We can see this in the works of Don Miguel Serrano where the flesh and blood of the God is consumed, and this is akin to the Mystery of the Sang Real. The idea of some barbaric blood sacrifice comes from the followers of Moloch and his ilk, and not from our Heathen Ancestors at the time when they upheld the Ur-Religion. I have shown in a post some years ago how the god-form of the Irish Crom Cruache was distorted into a blood-thirsty slayer of children, very much like the Moloch of the Middle-East. Crom was originally a Sun-God and not the later figure we associate with blood-sacrifice. 

The hunter is far closer to his prey than anyone else, and in ancient times the animal's spirit was respected and sent on to be with his own kind. This is a far cry from today's society where animals are slaughtered as they are, particularly in Halal and Cosher terms. And there is a vast difference between killing an animal for food and doing so for sport or for 'sacrifice'. It is not even certain whether animal sacrifice is something of the distant past since the slaughter of thousands of cattle here in England at the turn of this millennium was done like some vast 'Blood Sacrifice' - for what ends we do not know. To an extent it destroyed the English Cattle Industry since far fewer cows are seen here now than before, but there may have been something far more sinister about the whole affair. (**)

A better understanding of what I have said can be got from Mithraism; in one particular scene Mithras and the Sun are seen presiding over a Bread and Drink ceremony showing a Loaf of Bread and a Horn of Drink. Since Saul ('Saint Paul') came from Tarsus, a centre of the worship of Mithras, there is no doubt that he based his 'new religion' upon this, and since we find the Cap of Mithras (the Phrygian Cap) used as the 'Mitre' in Roman Catholicism this seems to confirm this. Hence where he got the 'Eucharist' from, the eating of the bread and drinking of the wine - as sacraments. This force is a destructive force and thus not being a Creative Force it can only take something that already exists and then mould and distort it for its own destructive ends. Mithras is the 'Bull-Slayer', an act which is associated with the end of a world-age. 

It should be remembered that Mithraism was created as an Aryan Religion in order to counter the growing 'Religion of Evil'. When seen in the light of various Aryan movements that have sprung up and then been distorted and used against their original purpose it is no surprise to find this the case here. 

(*) The change from not being able to become one with the god to that of gaining 'eternal life' could be explained by this trying to infer that only 'eternal life' (not in the sense of 'immortality' but as 'going to heaven') could be gained by eating the flesh and drinking the blood of Christ. The first quote seems more likely to have the original and true meaning. 

(**) The Sacrificial Ox - There is a very sinister piece in Aleister Crowley's "Book of the Law" -

"The Perfect and the Perfect are one Perfect and not two; nay, are none!

Nothing is a secret key of this law. Sixty-One the Jews call it: I call it eight, eighty, four hundred and eighteen.

But they have the half: unite by thine art so that all disappear.

My prophet is a fool with is one, one, one: are not they the Ox, and none by the Book?"

1:45 - 48

and further on -

"Sacrifice cattle, little and big: after a child.

But not now."

3:12 - 13

Strangely, the word 'thine' in the first quote is written more like "runic": the sacrifice of 'cattle, little and big' is stated not to happen then (1904 when this was written) and would take place "after a child" which seems to infer that we need only to look at the years before the 'cattle sacrifice' to find that of a 'child'. Crowley used this term himself and for it was accused of 'child sacrifice' when in fact he referred to the 'sacrifice' of semen. But this does not seem to be the idea referred to here. There is, though, no reason to see these ideas as being conscious since they can occur at a subconscious level where they just appear to happen. 

SUMMING UP - We can see here that this could be seen as a way of taking into oneself the essence of a god-force through drinking the 'Sacred Blood' and eating the 'Sacred Flesh' using Bread and Mead as symbolic of these. We still have the name 'Loaf-Mass' giving 'Lammas' which suggests the same idea here in England. 

Wolves of Woden - Wolf-Kult of Woden

"There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing and be nothing.


The above statement applies to the majority of the masses of today's society who do nothing, say nothing and are indeed nothing. If everyone were like this then nothing would ever happen in this world, and certainly nothing would change for the good. Those who have taken up this glorious struggle can never be like this because they see that this society is wrong and built upon false values. So they cannot sit back and let this go on without some form of resistance. Even if this resistance were futile, which I do not think it is, they will fight to the last breath to create a New Order on the ashes of the Old Order that we see crumbling before us. We have a duty and responsibility to our families, our tribes and our nations, as well as our forebears, to fight against such a sick and rotten society and to give the children of the future a chance to be free, something we do not have today. 

We do not avoid criticism which is often aimed at us, as well as the inevitable ridicule that works hand in hand. We may not live through the same society as Communist Russia but the means of suppressing opposition is just the same; anyone who criticises the all-powerful World State is deemed to be 'mad' or 'insane'. We have only to look around us at this society to see that it is we who are mad or insane. This is George Orwell's society built upon 'controlled insanity' which is clear from the people in control and those whose efforts help to sustain it. My late friend and Folk-Comrade, Hraefn, once said to me - "Whenever I think the world cannot get any crazier something else happens which is even more insane." 

"When freedom is outlawed only outlaws will be free."

We have become Wolf's Heads in a society that shuns us because we speak the truth and because the masses are so brainwashed that they believe that it is we who are 'evil' instead of the Evil Forces that control this country and the world. Over the past decades the masses have become so lazy that they are unable to do things for themselves, and worse, they are now unable to think for themselves. Through what we have to describe as 'Black Magic' they are controlled by the press, the media and the Internet, and all through the use of repetition and through symbolism. These are the means used in Black Magic Rites designed to control others. 

Notice one thing when speaking to some people today, especially some of the young people. If you stray out of the 'PC' arena they suddenly stop and change the subject, or try to move the conversation another way; they may even ridicule what is being said in some way.  Strange is it not? This is what George Orwell termed Thought Crime where the individual is pulled up suddenly by feeling it a crime to say something. The mind is being stopped from saying it because it is deemed a crime to do so. This is far worse than any loss of physical freedom, for today people are losing their freedom of mind, the freedom to express themselves as they will. These same individuals do not really think this way of their own mind, indeed they may themselves say things that show the opposite - but they are forced to think this way.

Our aim must be to create a new Tribal Community that gradually breaks away from this society and its total grip upon us - both physically and mentally. This is easier to say than do, especially here in England where we do not have the freedoms that other countries have. In this regard one cannot just get a bit of land and live on it, especially a piece of woodland because the laws do not allow us to do so. You cannot live in a piece of woodland without permission and getting that is rare here in England, and camping is only allowed for 28 days of the year; no buildings can be put up without permission etc. etc. This is why we are using Woden's Wald to hold our Folk-Moots and as a Spiritual Centre where we can meet up to practice our Folkish Religion. But this will also be our chance to do something positive in regard to the ecology of this country, even if only in our own small way. Ecology will become a large part of our work as this project progresses.

Whereas we cannot break free of this society at this particular time we can begin to move away from it, and give ourselves a bit of 'space' away from it and with like-minded Folk-Comrades. Meeting this corrupt and oppressive society head-on has lead to many young people losing their freedom altogether; where this does not happen organisations are being distorted and controlled for the purposes of the Old Order, and thus thousands are being led like sheep away from the real issues and the real problems - and the real controlling powers in this society. There is another way, and that is to take the esoteric path and work on another level, but at the same time to do so in the knowledge that this path will show others the way, and in so doing this movement will grow stronger and stronger. 

We are controlled by the Global Bankers and the Global Corporations who own nearly everything we need and use in this society. Every move we make towards a more tribal and regional society based upon individual self-reliance and self-sufficiency takes us one step nearer to freedom. No one said this was going to be easy, and it certainly will not be. What is needed is small steps in the right direction; we need to realise that looking to small victories makes for positive steps in the right direction. Every small victory is a step nearer to our freedom, and in doing this we encourage ourselves and others rather than looking for greater victories that are impossible at this time. If we fail at every step we get disillusioned, if we succeed with small victories we get encouraged, and we go on with greater energy and power. 

"In times of tyranny and injustice, when law oppresses the people, the Outlaw takes his place in history....England at the turn of the Twenty-First Century is such a time..."

Robin Hood (Film) - adapted for our use.

"The cornerstone of the traditional ethos is to be oneself and to remain loyal to oneselfOne must know what one 'is' and will it, rather than attempt self-realisation in a form that is different from what one is."

Julius Evola.

What Julius Evola is saying here is that everyone is an individual and each individual has his/her own nature, and that one should be loyal to one's own nature. As I have stated before I am not keen on the lifestyle of Aleister Crowley but when he used the term Do What Thou Wilt he was saying exactly the same as the above text from Julius Evola. To 'know oneself and will it' is the same statement as 'Do What Thou Wilt'. As usual the 'pagan' and 'wiccan' world has taken this and misinterpreted it completely, making it into something like - 'Do What Thou Wilt so long as it does not affect others'. As if one can do anything without affecting anything else somewhere else - which is the essence of the Web of Wyrd. 

Crowley also stated - 'Every man and woman is a star' - which means everyone is an individual with their own unique qualities and nature. And thus, for both of these figures, there can be nor ever will be anything near to 'equality', since no one thing can be the same as another. This is why those who preach 'equality' have to work through 'activists' and through the law to force people into being equal. And this can only be done through forcing everyone downwards towards the lowly and ignoble. 

In our own motto - 

The Strength of the Wolf is the Pack

The Strength of the Pack is the Wolf

we find the way towards a harmonious working Folk-Community or Barbarian Tribe because the statement ensures that the strength of the group lies in every individual within that group, and the strength of each individual in that group ensures a strong and healthy 'pack'. Every Wolf-Pack has a strict hierarchy which knows no such thing as 'equality'. To make this work every individual needs to 'know himself' and must 'remain loyal' to himself and to his true nature or 'True Will'. This needs a Triumph of the Will in which the individual will becomes part of the Tribal Will and in time the National Will. 

Aleister Crowley made a good and valid point in his comments upon 'Every man and woman is a star' where he likened this to the planets and stars which revolve around suns in a fixed pattern. Should one single planet or star alter its course chaos and havoc would ensue. This is the same with us, when most people today are not 'tuned' to their own individual nature the whole world is in chaos and disruption. Whoever thought up the idea of 'equality' knew this full well and used it to create disorder and chaos. The idea of the Caste System was based upon these concepts, that each caste was made up of those whose 'Inner Nature' was of that caste, and thus the changing from one caste to another was very, very rare. This is also why the 'Class System' does not work since it is based upon false principles where economic materialism replaces 'Inner Nature'. 

Our people need to understand that not everyone can lead or organise, and that this must be left to those who are natural leaders. And leaders must understand that others must be allowed to use their individual talents for the sake of the whole and not be given roles that they cannot do. The 'pack' must be made up of individuals, each having their own unique role, and each being able to not only live out this role but to do so for the sake of the whole, as part of the whole. Imagine how much more powerful such a group would be, and how powerful a movement that grows out of it would be. 

The Wolf is an individual, the sheep is part of a 'collective' and has to have others around in order to survive. The sheep always rely upon others rather than having the will to become self-reliant and self-sufficient. The sheep thus become part of the 'collective' and rely upon the State System and Global Corporations. Indeed, they welcome this system because it means that they can pass the buck to someone else, which is the essence and form of our 'Liberal Democracy'. Why think when someone else can do it for you? Why do when someone else can do it for you? As Friedrich Nietzsche pointed out the 'Ultimate Man' has a slave-mentality and cannot be bothered in life, cannot be bothered to stand up against wrong or evil, and cannot be bothered to fight for change for the good. The Wolf stands up against corruption, against wrong and against evil, and holds true to what he should be, what he knows he should be. The truth will set us free, and the truth always comes out in the end. 

So, we have become 'Wolves Amongst The Sheep', individuals who stand alone against a world falling into rack and ruin. Outcasts from this society because we know it to be wrong, know it to be corrupt, know it to be false. We are Wolf's Heads and that is the way we wish to be seen - why would anyone in their right mind wish to be seen as being a part of this rotten society? 

"We are the spark that will light the fire."

The problem with many of those who lead groups today is that they have little staying-power and when anything goes wrong they give up completely. Either that or they disband one group and set up another in a different name, and then repeat the process over and over again; this was the case in someone I knew years ago and who ended up turning against his own people and selling out to the State System. When something goes wrong, and it will in regard to the struggle we have taken up, we have to get up again - again and again. Never give up - never give in.

Yes, we are surrounded by 'sheep' but we have a duty and responsibility to help our Folk. They have become so because of the Dark Magic used against us, Dark Magic that has created a world of illusion around them and has taken control of their minds. Yes, of course it would be easy to brush them aside, leave them to get on with it, but that would be the easy way out - and we never take the easy way, do we? Only through the use of what we may call White Magic can we counter this, and this has to be done through the Holy Runes. Through the Holy Runes we have to turn 'Lambs' into 'Wolves'. This is not easy since we are up against such powerful tactics used against our people, but they can only control at one level and that is the 'Group-Mind'. The Race-Spirit and the Race-Soul is a different matter. 

What we need today is an Elite who are willing to sacrifice everything they have for this great struggle. This, of course, will never apply to everyone, for many cannot do this because of their circumstances. However, we need to build an Elite through what we have, and this is the essence of the idea of the Superman of Friedrich Nietzsche. We no doubt face ridicule from others over the 'Superman' but it is not we who are so, for we have to be the forebears and creators of the Superman - as Nietzsche foretold. 

This is now an Esoteric Struggle as Don Miguel Serrano foretold, it is no longer a physical and exoteric struggle, although this still forms part of it - 

"The Will depends upon Spiritual Race and Spiritual Blood, not on Biological Race and Biological Blood."

Miguel Serrano.

Julius Evola saw and understood this concept, although at that time it was necessary to go this way due to the nature of the struggle at that time. The 'seeds' were in fact sown for the future at this critical time. Since World War II and the defeat of Spiritual Forces things have changed and today we have to wage this war at an esoteric level. This has now become the role of Woden's Folk and especially the Wolves of Woden which, although a hearth of the exoteric Woden Folk-Community works at an esoteric level within Woden's Folk. 

"I am English, and my Englishness is my very vision."

D.H. Lawrence

When we are building a new form of Barbarian Tribalism we must never forget that our duty is to recreate the English Folk-Nation made up of the best of our people, those who can survive this onslaught upon our Folk and Nation. The future English Folk-Nation will not be the same, it will be stronger since we have to go through the Fires of Hell to recreate it. All that is weak and all that is alien will fall away, leaving a true English Nation

Our Folkish Movement has roots in the Folkish Movements in Germany, England and other parts of Europe before World War II. But we have gone one stage further in recreating an Ur-Religion of our Folk suited to the times that we live in today and the problems that we face today. The struggle has been taken to an esoteric level now which is the role of the Wolves of Woden and that of Woden's Folk. 

"In the days of the Lion, spawned of the Evil Brood, The Hooded Man shall come to the forest. There he will meet with Herne the Hunter - Lord of the Trees - to be his Son and do his bidding. The Power of Light and the Power of Darkness shall be strong within him. And the guilty shall tremble!"

The Hooded Man Prophecy - October 31st 1993.

With all this in mind Woden's Folk was created in order to prepare the way for The Hooded Man who will be the coming Folk-Leader of the English Folk. This prophecy should be seen together with Wulf's Prophecy which is about the coming of the Last Avatar. The Wolves of Woden uses its own 'hoodie' not only to show who we are but also as being part of our Ritual Regalia which links us to The Hooded Man and to Woden as The Hooded One. 

We are not sitting back waiting for some 'Messiah' to appear suddenly and save us all, we are working to prepare the way for a Folk-Leader to arise some time in the future, but a time that we cannot know at the moment. Ours is not a 'Messianic' religion such as Judaism, Islam and Christianity, all of which stem from the same roots, and all of which have created the same old problems for the world. Through prophecy, and through the work that we and others do, the figure of a Heiland will appear at some time in the future. We are not waiting for this to happen - we have to make it happen

Saturday, 3 November 2018

Idunn's Ahls

Wulfgar and I have done some more work at Woden's Wald which is now prepared for the Wolves of Woden to use for our Esoteric Wodenic Work. A new Wooden Altar (Idunn's Hearg) has been made on the site and will be finished the next time we get over there. 

The Wooden Altar is made of lengths of Silver Birch and Sweet Chestnut, mounted on four end-posts which have been dug into the ground. The top, of course, is not flat but what we have decided to do is to use some wire-gauze pinned to the wooden cross-beams and fill the top over with soil. On top of this we shall put a layer of turf which will act as the Altar-Top and be very environmentally-friendly. 

At the front of the Wooden Altar - dedicated to the Goddess Idunn, we have placed the Standing Stone which we took to the site some months ago when we built Woden's Hearg. In the foreground of this photo is one of the entrance posts carved with a Wolf-Hook Rune (it is in fact carved with three Wolf-Hook Runes, cut on with a chainsaw). 

The last time I was over there by myself I cleared an area that we shall use to put up tents for Hearth Moots, and also further clearance was made on Wulf's Burgh which is the mound on the site. Further clearance seems to suggest that this is not a natural feature but is a man-made mound (an archaeological dig will commence later - JOKING!!!). Due to the wear on the mound it is not now clear whether it is in fact a Round Barrow since the clearing has allowed more of it to be opened up to view. 

Since the area we have been preparing is dedicated to the Goddess Idunn, who  is of the Elven Clan of Ivalde, it was heartening to see that the Amanita Muscaria (Red-Cap Mushroom) (*) is growing in the camping area cleared and also in the area beside Idunn's Altar. This is the Sacred Mushroom of the Northern Shaman and has always been associated with the Elves since very often an Elf is shown sitting on top of one. Indeed, one legend has it that this Sacred Mushroom grows in the places where the Golden Horseshoes of Woden's Steed have troddenWe have moved the Apple Trees to the area beside the altar, the Apple Tree being sacred to Idunn, and symbolic of regeneration and of Immortality. In Snowmoon 2019 (January) we shall do our own Wassailing Rite there.

New rune-posts were also put up, two along the edge of Idunn's Ahls and the other as part of a two-post system at the entrance to this sacred area. We have also decided to put up four more posts around the Rite Area on which we can hang Sacred Torches. These will light up the area for us to do the rites during the dark evenings. (One of the things we have to do is to steer clear of using artificial lights by using natural torches, candles and lanterns - all of which we now have on the site.)

The area next to the Wooden Altar has, as I said, three Apple Trees, a Pear Tree, and some Gooseberry Bushes. Amongst these are chives, mint and sage, to which will be added Rosemary and other herbs next spring. The idea is to have the herbs on-site for our use in rituals - the burning of certain herbs cleanses the area we use. 

At the moment we have put Woden's Hearg on hold because we need to get more rocks to finish the hearg itself; we need to put another three layers on top of the three we have already done. The plan is to place two layers on the top of the first three, and to finish off with a layer of flat rocks to make a smooth, even surface to put the regalia on. A new pathway has been cut out to get to the area from Idunn's Ahls, so this will be easier to use. 

The Irminsul was put on the top of Wulf's Burgh but will now have to be moved since the area has been cleared revealing a larger mound than at first thought.  The area at the back has now been cleared right back to the trees growing there. This will be put in a place set by using dowsing-rods. This is all part of a future Ancestral Sacred Area which will form part of the Ahnenkult of Folkish Wodenism. 

(*) The Red-Cap Mushroom is often associated with the "Fairies" which are really what we know as the "Elves"; often an Elf is shown sitting on one, hence the name 'Elf-Stool', although they are more often called 'Toad-Stools'. This may be because they have hallucinogenic properties and have been used in certain Religious and Shamanic Rites, and some toads give out a hallucinogenic substance - hence the connection maybe? 

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Wolves of Woden - Woden's Wald

Woden's Wald - Shelters.

Wulfgar and I set about building a shelter suited to both sleeping in and also for keeping us dry during the autumn/winter months. We did this with wood bought for the purpose, simply because we needed to do this quickly before the wet weather really sets in. We thought it wise to keep the area inside as dry as possible, although being open-fronted this would not be totally dry. 

We have kept the table inside the shelter for the moment since this will be used to put our tea-making gear on for the time being. We store pots underneath this since it doubles as a store-compound for the time being. It will be converted into a sleeping-shelter for the Midwinter Folk-Moot. As I said, we used timber for the uprights which I bought for the purpose, the wooden sides were made of old fencing that I was given, and three tarps cover the top, sides and back. The top has been strengthened with wood cut from the site and this helps to keep the water from holding on the top which would harm the shelter in time. 

The second shelter we built was for a single-man sleeping area based upon the A-Frame structure. Unfortunately, the taro was a little too short to fully cover this but we put this up as a temporary shelter so as to keep the area as dry as possible underneath. We shall be rebuilding this to make it the right size and to make it a little bit simpler in design. The back is made up of logs piled one on top of the other to cover it and keep the wind and rain out. We had to put the larger logs on the side to stop rain getting in. Our aim is to try to keep the shelters as dry as possible. (We built a lean-to shelter and a tepee-shelter - see the 'Survival' blog for details - which both stayed dry for years even though we had really wet winters and one really wet summer.)

Lastly, we built a firewood store using two ends which was an old pot-store I built at home. Four arris-rails were screwed to the back, one across the front, and one across the middle of the top. A tarp was tied across the back and top to keep the rain out. We shall put a second tarp over this when the wood-store is filled, so as to keep it as dry as we can. This will be used to hold logs and kindling for the Midwinter Folk-Moot which is our next project. 

We have had to cut out some areas of the woodland but the pieces have not been straight enough to use for building, although there is plenty of coppiced wood we shall be able to use. In time everything built at Woden's Wald will be from site, and the intention is to make it into a Meditation-Spiritual Centre with areas set apart for practicing survivalism and woodland crafts. 

We set the Hearg up for the Midsummer Camp and need to build this higher and make a flat surface for the top; this will be used for the Midwinter Folk-Moot and Camp. The Hearg has been set up in front of an Oak Tree and dedicated to Woden Herian (Herne the Hunter). 

At the Midsummer Folk-Moot the Saxon Irminsul was placed upon Wulf's Burgh which is a comet-shaped mound in Woden's Wald and which doubles as our Law-Thing where we will enact the Laws of the Wolves of Woden. We intend to erect a couple of larger wooden pillars as an entrance to this area, as well as posts around the mound to create a boundary - which is an essential part of ritual. 

An Eolhs-Rune and two Wolf-Hook Runes etched into the pillars on the entranceway to Woden's Wald. We intend to put up many such pillars with runes etched upon them, especially around the areas we have set aside as 'Sacred Areas -

Woden's Hearg

Idunn's Ahls

Wulf's Burgh

These are three such areas now and we intend to set aside more areas dedicated to the Gods and Ancestors. This is not only a Spiritual Sanctuary but also an eco-project since we will have the area as a set-aside from the corrupt and rotten world around us. The project will be done by the Wolves of Woden and the Folk-Moots at this time open only to the very few who are invited, those that I have known for at least five years or more. 

A-Frame Shelter

Wulfgar and I rebuilt the A-Frame shelter using thinner poles which made the whole thing more sturdy and the tarp fitted better over this one. We cut poles for the back of this which keeps out the bad weather. Both the larger shelter and this one were completely dry inside which was the aim since we need to keep them as dry as possible for the winter months. 

Our work on woodcraft, bushcraft and survivalism pays off when we are able to build such shelters very quickly due to the practice we have had over many years. Our aim is to build a lean-to shelter next which will again be used for our camps in the future. 

I have been cutting back an ash-tree in my front garden and the wood has been cut up and taken to Woden's Wald where we have been stocking up the wood-store for the Midwinter Folk-Moot.