Sunday 18 February 2018

The Shadow-Warrior

What is a 'shadow'? A shadow is 'darkness', but it is formed through 'light' striking a physical object. It is created by the Power of Light. When the light strikes a physical object it cannot go though it, so a 'shadow' is cast on the other side, a 'shadow' that is a kind of 'Dark Double' of the object. Thus, the Power of Light creates the shadow which is made of the 'Power of Darkness'. As the object moves, the shadow moves in unison with it; it can thus be said to be a 'double' of the object.

The 'Shadow-Warrior' cannot really be seen as partaking of the 'darkness' since it is 'light' that creates this form. The shadow or 'Dark Double' is that which cannot be recognised since it is basically formless, as opposed to the object creating the shadow which can be clearly seen in the light of day. This the Shadow-Warrior moves in secret without being recognised for what he is

'In the Days of the Lion, spawned of the Evil Brood, The Hooded Man shall come to the forest. There he will meet with Herne the Hunter - Lord of the Trees - to be his Son and do his bidding. The Power of Light and the Power of Darkness shall be strong within him. And the guilty shall tremble!'

The man in the 'hood' cannot be seen; he is in the 'shadow' of the hood; within him is the 'Power of Light and the 'Power of Darkness', which lies within the blade of Albion - the Sword of The Hooded Man. The 'Father' and the 'Son' are one and the same; Herne is the 'guide' and The Hooded Man the wielder of his Sword. The Hooded Man is 'Robin i' the Hood' - the 'Light in the Darkness'. We live in the Age of Darkness. 

We can - and we must - build that Shadow-Warrior; as 'solitaries' we must act, and through our actions we carry on the struggle for our Folk and for our freedom. In doing so we need to understand the meaning of The Hooded Man Prophecy and how it relates to the education and the training of the individual. It contains the simple concept of the balance of opposites within a whole, within an individual. We have this balance within the Ancient Runes, each one being formed of Fire (Ken) and Ice (Is). This balance, in itself, suggests a third, and since each rune is different, and varies in the balance of Fire and Ice, then each rune has been created from this mixture and balance. 

In Nature we find this balance of Light and Darkness occurs at a particular time, and that time is at Dawn and Dusk, and at the Summer Evennight and the Winter Evennight. At these particular times, and these alone, the balance of Light and Darkness can be found; these are also known as 'liminal' points of the year, since they are neither light nor dark, neither one nor the other. We could say that this situation produces a 'third' in that at Dawn the balance of Light and Darkness produces the Light, and at Dusk the balance of Light and Darkness produces the Darkness. The same goes for the Summer Evennight which produces the Light and the Winter Evennight which produces the Darkness. At each point one of these opposites grows stronger, whilst the other grows weaker. But what causes this to happen - the cyclic movement of time

There is a cyclic movement of Light to Darkness, and from Darkness to Light; thus a circle is formed through this process. 

The Yin-Yang Symbol of Taoism contains this balance of Light and Darkness; within each is a 'dot' which is symbolic of each containing the 'seed' of its opposite. This symbol can be related to two distinct times of the year - the White + Black Dot being Midsummer, and the Black + White Dot being Midwinter. The whole shows a cyclic movement from one to the other, a never ending cycle of Light & Darkness. 

The symbolism is also inherent in the new WF Logo; here there is a Dark Period and a Light Period, and the cyclic nature of the whole is found in the Solar Image - the circle containing the Light & Darkness. In each section there is a white within the black, and black within the white. Within this new logo there is this balance of Light and Darkness which is the central feature of Folkish Wodenism. It is the movement between the Light and Darkness that creates the whole, the Heildom. This is the same for the individual.

The symbol of this balance is the sword Albion which is the 'Sword of Light' (since its name can mean 'white'). Paradoxically, within the blade is contained the Powers of Light and Darkness. This is the Power to Create and the Power to Destroy. The name 'Albion' also relates to the term elf and thus to the idea of 'shining'. Often the sword was referred to as a 'brand' or 'fire-brand'; the Sword of Hengest was known as the 'Battle-Flame' (hildeleoman). The sword can be used to create, as when a new nation is created through conquest and war; it can be used to destroy, as when the Roman Empire was put to the sword by the Germanic Barbarians from the North. 

We are told in Beowulf how Hengest became 'World-Ruler', taking up the Wyrd of AEtla the Hun, and that this came about after the winter had ended and the spring begun, i.e. at the time of the balance of Light and Darkness at the Summer Evennight. AEtla the Hun had reached the gates of Rome after crushing the Roman Empire; his 'Wyrd' passed to Hengest whose forces took on the falling Roman Empire here in Britain, warring against the alien religion that was spreading across the Germanic Tribes of England. 

The sword contains the balance of Light and Darkness, and as such is 'neutral'; the force that is unleashed within this sword is done so through an ideology, an ideal, a purpose. It is this purpose that releases such forces within this symbolism. It is the same within the Shadow-Warrior because all of the education and training will come to nothing without a clear ideology, an ideal, and a purpose, the Will-to-Power. And above all - the will-to-overcome, the will to create the Superman. 

This in itself negates the claim of our enemies that everything we do is down to 'hate'; there is no 'hate' in this, there is only the highest form of love. When mankind domesticated the horse and the dog he did so in a primitive form of this love, though in reality it was done at a selfish level since the aim was not the perfection of these animals, but for their use by mankind. So, when the aim is to strive for the perfection of mankind this can never be down to any selfish cause, but to the highest form of love - the love of mankind. Surely, the overcoming of man, and the creation of a Higher Man, is the only thing that will stop the suffering upon the Earth, and the only way that the Earth can be healed - by recreating man so that he is harmony with the Earth and does not destroy it. 'Be true to the Earth' was one of the most fundamental points that Nietzsche taught. (I speak here of the aim of spiritualising the Earth through the creation of a Higher Man.)

Most people are not aware of the energy that the Sun gives to us all; the Sun's energy is contained in everything that we eat, since food stores up this energy from the Sun. The air that we breath contains this Solar Energy, and the Vitamin D from the Sun's Rays we cannot do without. We absorb all of this energy during the day, during the sunlight, and at night this is stored and the body replenishes it. It is this Light that creates the 'Shadow'. The 'Shadow' can only exist because of the Light. This is the essence of the ancient Solar Race - the Arya. The runes are the key to this balance of Light and Darkness, each containing its polar-opposite meaning. Each contains Fire and Ice. Each is the play of the Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness. 

Germination takes place in the darkness, seeds need the dark to germinate; creation takes place in the darkness. The creation of the Shadow-Warrior will take place in the darkness. Growth needs the light; for anything to grow it needs the Light of the Sun. It is the Solar Energy that makes things grow. It is this Solar Energy that makes us grow stronger and stronger. We are at the point of the balance of Light and Darkness, and all that is needed to push this towards the Light is movement and energy - the will-to-overcome. There are three powers needed for creation -

Woden - ecstacy, divine madness, fury.

Will - the Will.

Weoh - Holiness and Godliness, the Divine Element.

Consciousness, Awareness and Will are the three elements of Creation; when there are two forces - Light and Darkness - in balance within the individual from this can be found the third force. It is this Third Force that is necessary to create a change since equal and opposite forces create a static point where only a Third Force can alter this, and this can only be done by a force and energy that moves in one direction. This force has to be the strongest, and it is this that we have to find within us. 

The creation of the Shadow-Warrior will take place in the darkness, in the darkest era of this Cycle of the Ages. It will be the Light of the Black Sun that will form the 'shadow' and not the 'Light of the Golden Sun'. In our hour of greatest need, in the hour of greatest darkness, the world shall give birth to the Shadow-Warrior. You 'solitaries' who have opted out of this society, who have chosen yourselves to become 'lone-wolves', you are today a 'shadow', a form that is formless, not recognised, not recognisable, for your time is not yet, it is coming, it is becoming. Everything is in a state of Becoming.