Sunday 20 February 2022

The 'Cultured Thug'

The last post I did on this blog was in August 2018; this blog has been inactive since then. Over the past three years or so things have taken a drastic change for the worse, as we all know from experience. It is now even more imperative to take the way suggested by Jonathon Bowden - 

"Truthfully in this age those with intellect have no courage, and those with a modicum of physical strength have no intellect. If things are to alter during the next fifty years then we must embrace Byron's Ideal - the Cultured Thug."

Jonathon Bowden. 

Jonathon died on 29th March 2012, well before the time when the Global Powers decided to kick in with their Global Agenda by forcing the pace of it. So he did not know that we do not have fifty years to change things - our pace must be hastened to keep up with this. 

We are now 'Wolf's Heads' in a world that has rejected and abandoned its people altogether; those who rule today care nothing for their people any more - if they did before, that is, but they did not show it outright as now. But the idea of being a 'Wolf's Head' in a society based solely upon economic materialism, rejecting the Spirit of Man, cannot be a bad thing. Time moves towards decay and death, and though the Global Elite may not wish to see it, so does their Old Order - for that is what it is - the Old Order! Their 'New World Order' is merely the result of thousands of years of intrigue and subversion aimed to corrupt and destroy the old rulers, whose energy was spent anyway. They have now replaced this with their own tyrannical rule - which it has to be since they would have no respect for what they are doing - if people realised it, that is. Their 'New World Order' is a sick parody of the Aryan Imperium and the Sovereign King which descends from the Godhead.

In my own opinion there needs to be a new way of thinking today; we need to give honour, loyalty and be truthful to our own, but in facing an enemy that deceives, lies, cheats and has set out destroy our people we have to deal with in a very different way. Laws should be there to protect the people, to ensure a future for the people, and for the future generations, as well as to protect the past - our roots. When laws are enacted that are designed to destroy a people then those laws should have no place in our thinking. When the law is an ass then it must be treated as such! And those that try to uphold such crooked laws. 

Unfortunately, we can see all around us that the mass of our people are little more than sheep - in fact it would probably be insulting to the sheep to say this. They are little more than 'robots', programmed from outside to do the Will of the Lord of Shadows. But we must not forget that this has happened due to incessant indoctrination which has been going on for decades, and which it is hard to fight off. I doubt if any one of us can say that we have not in some way fallen foul of this, because in this society the 'opposition' is in some cases controlled by The System. There is as much disinformation out there as there is information. There are varying degrees as to how far people have been led down the wrong path, and if we think carefully about it we can recognise that it is our role to counter the System Indoctrination. If we make a good job of it then more people will come to see the light, if we don't then things will not change. 

Sometimes it looks as if the people are held under some form of spell; and to some extent this is probably true. The media, press and the world wide web of illusion has a very powerful affect upon everyone who uses them. But this is not the limit that these people can go, since we are dealing with the sort of set-up we find in Star-Wars, where the tip of the triangle is held by the 'Emperor' who is a very powerful sorcerer. Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker use magical weapons - Light Sabres - but the Dark Emperor is a very powerful sorcerer who uses Mind-Magic against those who wishes to subdue. We are, at the top, dealing with such people.

It seems just like a section of our society, world-wide, has suddenly 'woke' to a call from a sinister and dark, hidden, force. I don't normally use the word 'woke' since it is 'System-Speak' and above all, the wrong grammar altogether. To counter this we use the war-cry - England A-Wake! - using the cry of 'The Wake' - Hereward the Wake. The people can only be awoken to their plight using symbols, and working at a very deep level - the Group Soul. 

Having said these things there is something that I would add to the ideas of Jonathon Bowden, and that is the need to create a 'New Man' whose make-up is threefold, rather than twofold -

  • 1. The Thinker.
  • 2. The Cultic-Warrior.
  • 3. The Mystic-Warrior.

  • 1. The Thinker is more on the intellectual side, using logic and intelligence to be able to work things out, analyse, and to process methods of how to further our own aims. 
  • 2. The Cultic-Warrior is no mere 'fighter' or 'thug' (*) but has a religious outlook on life and is a Spiritual Warrior, which becomes a great advantage if this is done right. Part of this is the ability to use Intuition and 'Gut Feeling', as well as the ability to control the emotions which can be used positively. This also involves self-discipline and order to an extent - mixed with a bit of Chaos for good luck! 
  • 3. The Mystic-Warrior goes beyond these two since this brings in the Esoteric Arts, and the use of higher states of consciousness. This entails the study of the Occult Arts - of Magic and Mysticism - and the subtle Energy-Forces that are symbolised by the Ancient Runes. 
(*) That is not to say that I reject the idea of the 'Street-Fighter' or 'Thug' since these are the first to get involved in a fight because that is what they do, and they were the first, no doubt, to enrol in the wars throughout the ages. There is a place for this so long as there is always a leader-group disciplined and ordered to lead them. 

Actually, this is nothing new, since we find such a set-up in the Eddas when Rig incarnates on Middle-Earth to create the Four Castes. The AEthlinga or Caste of Earls is a noble caste of warriors, but Rig taught to them the arts of hunting, fighting and also the Ancient Runes - this was the role of the Earls, so they were not just fighters but also Mystic-Warriors. In later times the Knight's Templar were Religious Warriors, and these type of societies or orders fought in 'Holy Wars' which steps up the level of war somewhat. In fact, if we look at this carefully it creates warriors with a much fiercer outlook, who are fanatical (that is a religious word) in fighting a 'Holy War'. We can see the fanaticism in the Muslim Extremists today, because they are fighting a 'Holy War' (to them), even if we don't see it that way. But the Knight's Templar were an ordered, disciplined force, well-trained and efficient in warfare. 

A religious movement must be built upon a sound foundation first, and must have intent, purpose and aims - as well as ideology, ideals and a weltanshauung. Even if a movement is crushed, the cause must be carried on by others. The cause is what is important, and this gives rise to the idea of 'martyrs' - those who have died (not necessarily fighting) throughout the years that such a cause has been operating. This is where an Ancestral Rite (*) should be in the form of a Hero's Rite - the 'Fallen Heroes' - and not just speaking of our own families and friends, many of whom will have had no part in this cause. There is room for an Ancestral Call which revolves around the family and friends at the Yuletide Rites. 

(*) The Ancestral Rite is 'Einheriar Day' or 'Heroes Day' and this should involve the Mythical Heroes of our Folk as much as those who have 'fallen' during the struggle we are fighting. We do not fight alone in this struggle.

From the above we can see that the War-Band Leader (on the left), who is Woden in this case, wears the Solar Horns and the Lunar Horns which are the Powers of Light and Darkness in balance. These are cultic-warriors doing a cultic-warrior dance which seems clear by the stance which Woden holds. When doing our Spiritual Exercises what we do is to use the symbolism used in Wing Chun to start of any form - the right hand makes a clenched fist (ball) which represents the Sun, and the left hand is arched over the right whilst the fingers are not quite touching, making a Crescent Moon. 

The Death's Head Symbol is important since it is the Sign of the One-Eyed Death-Hunter - Woden. It is symbolic of the Wild Hunter-God - the Wolf-God and Raven-God. The use of the Wolf-Hook Rune is also important, since this is the Rune of Resistance - Withstandan. This is also connected to the Cultic-Warrior and the War-Band who represent the Cult of the Dead - Totenkult. 

The individual can have great strength alone, but a group of individuals, self-disciplined, self-trained, and self-educated, can be an even more powerful force. And in situations that are hard to overcome there is certainly strength in numbers, so long as the individuals are strong-willed in themselves. The Wolf-God - Woden - is the Leader of the War-Band - the Heri. These are never great in number, but always greater in strength, courage and ferocity. 

Woden is the Master of Wod - the Woda-Force: Ingwe is the God of the Will - the Fire Within. Woden and Ingwe are two important gods, as well as Thunor who has great might and main. Freya is the Battle-Goddess who should also be honoured in the Sacred Groves. Ingwe represents the Will - the conscious and forceful Will, the Immortal within the Mortal, and the mediator between Heaven and Earth - between Gods and Men. 

It is this Fiery Essence or Inner Fire that animates, and which is the Fire of the Spirit. Agni is the 'Seven-Tongued Power of the Will - Force of God-Instinct with Knowledge' - which applies also to Ingwe. Ingwe (Heimdall) comes as Rig or Rik because he is the 'ruler' or the 'Sacral King', he who bestows kingship and the Glory of Light - 'Heil'. Our Folk are 'frozen', they are bound by some kind of 'freezing-spell' which has locked them down - Initiates of Fire must arise to break the Ice, to melt the Ice, and to free our Folk - just as Idunn lay under the White Wolf-Skin (snow and ice) and had to be freed at Ragnarok. Gandalf wore the Ring of Fire (Narya) and used the Fire of Anor against the Balrog - his was the Feoh-Rune - Rune of Fire. The Ken-Rune is the Power of the Will - with Knowledge.

The Horse Twins - Hengest and Horse - are also important to the Cultic-Warrior, since they protect and guard, they guide and show the way. Here we see them as the 'Dancing Warriors' on the Sutton Hoo Mask. Notice the Twin-Swords at the top centre, and the Twin-Spears at the bottom centre create the Ing-Rune. These are the Sons of Ingwe. Again, they wear the Solar-Horns and the Lunar-Horns, the Solar-Horns ending in Bird's Beaks, and may well also be Serpent Symbols too. The Sacred Belt is also worn by the Cultic-Warrior; the buckle (not worn here) is symbolic of the Hara-Centre - a Power-Centre in the human body. The spears point to the Sole and Heel of both figures, and it has just occurred to me (after all this time) that these words may represent Sol and Heil -

Sol - *saawel - 'Sun'.

Heel - *kenk - Old English hela. 

This may be a play-on-words since hela could also related to heil; this is mere guesswork but it does seem logical. Achilles was vulnerable in his heel, the only place that he could be slain.