Tuesday 28 February 2023

The Germanic Mannerbund - Part Seven


In a vivid dream that I had many years ago, one which featured the Wild Army as a kind of 'march' or 'parade', one of the prime features was that of 'The Fool' who was present, as well as a figure clearly associated with Law and Justice. There were the usual dogs and wolves, as well as horses, but the feature we need to look at here is that of Law and Justice. 

When there is total oppression and tyranny of a people, the law becomes an 'ass' and justice is non-existent, then such Cultic-Warrior Brotherhoods are forced to go underground and become the only means of Law and Justice in such a society, as will 'vigilante' groups arise when the police do not bring law and order onto the streets - this is an inevitable move, and only those who forsake true Law and Order that serves the people of that Folk-Nation are responsible for what happens. The link to the ancient Cultic-Warrior Brotherhoods comes from the fact that these were there to uphold the order that their ancestors first created, and they were oath-bound to do so. 

Red is the colour of Justice, thus the 'Red Hound' and the 'Red Hand' (through word-play): the 'Red Cross' (equal-armed cross in circle - sun-wheel) stood over the 'Red Court', with the 'Red Staff' being the Staff of Justice and Right, and the White Staff is symbolic of Law. The 'Hand' (five fingers) wrapped around the sword-hilt is symbolic of Justice, which involves Law and Truth. 

The Rad-Rune contains the above mysteries -

  • Red,
  • Rad - Wheel,
  • Rita - Right Order, Right, Ritual,
  • Rod - Rod of Justice,
  • Rood - Gallows of Justice = The 'Wolf-Tree',

The Primal Laws of Nature are the Divine Law of Primaeval Evolution; the law and justice must serve the people, and laws that do not do so are irrelevant. When tyranny and oppression take over, and there is no justice, then the Outlaw takes his place in history, and it is the duty and responsibility of the Cultic-Warrior Band to fight such tyranny and oppression and bring Law and Justice to the Folk. 

The role of the Shadow-Warrior is important in these times, since some form of secrecy and 'working in the shadows' is necessary. The Cultic-Warriors hunted in the night with nets and clubs, whereas the tribal hunting took place in the day with the spear or bow and arrow. This also applied to war, when the war-bands would fight in the darkness of night. In Japan the role of the Ninja was similar, and these Shadow-Warriors arose when the Samurai became a state-instrument against the people. Hence the black-clad Ninja fought in the shadows and in the dark as the 'Invisible Warrior'. The Sceadu-Beorn ('Shadow-Warrior') had the same role in Germania, hence the black garb and the black flag, as well as their weapons being blackened. 

Pestilence - wars and rumours of wars - famine! The first two of these we have had, the last we keep hearing threats of - food shortages. The constant barrage of propaganda about 'food shortages' will become the greatest problem here, since after a time people tend to ignore this, since it has not happened. The world-wide policies on food and the deliberate destruction of farming can only lead to world-wide food shortages and thus to famine on a grand scale. The signs are that this could happen in the near future - maybe in three years time (2026). Famine will be the problem, but the total breakdown of law and order when people fight each other for food and their survival will prove even more testing. Time is short, and the need to recreate the Cultic-Warrior Order is even more important.

The Germanic Mannerbund - Part Six

One of the prime symbols of the Cultic-Warrior Brotherhood is the Death's Head, since they are an 'Army of the Dead'. In regard to cult it is thus essential to honour the Forefathers (our own ancestors as individuals) and the Ancestral Heroes (those who have been in this glorious struggle and have since passed on). It is usual to honour the Forefathers at Yuletide, but this is also one of the foremost times to honour the Ancestral Heroes too. The period of October 31st (All-Hallow's Eve - Halloween) through November 5th (Fire-Festival to Ingwe) to November 9th-11th is dedicated to the Ancestral Heroes, and also to the Forefathers. 

This is where those who are involved in Heathen work and have not taken up this struggle (and there are many of these) will not be able to recreate such Cultic-Warrior Brotherhoods, since they will have no Ancestral Heroes to honour, and although we should honour the 'Mythical Heroes' (of myth and legend) this can in no way be the same as honouring those who have taken up the Sacred Blood Struggle in our own times. This goes for those who cannot recognise the true nature of this struggle, and how the Folkish Movement arose to hold back the Dark Forces at the 'turn of the Great Year'. 

Those who are now dead and gone, but who were involved in the Sacred Blood Struggle are still with us in spirit, and we should honour them and invoke them to stand with us in the Last Battle. This can be done (as we have done in the past) through the 'Roll-Call' when each Fallen Hero is named by the Ancestral Call, and those who partake in the Sacred Rite call - 'Here!'. Thus, the Spirit of the Dead Heroes are invoked to be present with those who take part in the rite, and more importantly, and involved in the struggle for freedom. In the Woden Folk-Community this is the role of Woden's Folk as the Esoteric Order. 

The Way of the Gods is the period between the Winter Sunstead and the Summer Sunstead, whilst the Way of the Ancestors is the period between the Summer Sunstead and the Winter Sunstead. The latter is the period in which Halloween and Yuletide fall. For the whole of this period of the year (the Dark Time) the Forefathers and Ancestors should be honoured, though the emphasis is usually from the Winter Evennight to the Winter Sunstead. 

The colours of the Cultic-Warrior Brotherhood has always been associated with Black, and sometimes the Red (of youth and war). The Cultic-Warriors were black and gather under the Black Flag. One of the main symbols of these Kults is that of the Belt worn around the waist - one belt for the Cultic-Warrior Fury-Leader and two belts for the Cultic-Warriors. These could also be the Sacred Cord worn around the waist. 

Thursday 23 February 2023

The Germanic Mannerbunde - Part Five


In these Cultic Warrior Brotherhoods we find the use of Ritual Dances, weapon-dances undertaken by the cultic-warriors led by a Fuhrer who represents Woden as the Leader of the Bund. We find such dances still alive today (just) in various parts of England, though some of the more martial forms have been watered down into 'Morris Dancing', though the staffs/clubs are still present. However, the meaning is lost and the energy and ecstatic power has been lost with it. It would be very difficult to get young people involved in this today, for obvious reasons.

However, there is a method that can be used to achieve the same ends - Kata or Form. Using the Japanese term to make it clear, and with the English 'form' with it to try to bring this into an English context, kata is a form of Martial Dance, and it can also be used with weapons. Kata is in essence a means to learn basic warrior-moves, fusing a number of moves into a full 'Form'. Some martial artists have dropped the idea of forms, but there is a very ancient meaning to these, and one that is important to a Warrior Cult. There are many uses for this -

  • This can be used as an individual training or group-training.
  • The best forms would be simple and easy to understand, and easy to learn, thus having only a few moves in the early stages. Unfortunately, many Karate Katas are very long and take time to get right. Better short and easy to learn, and to get right.
  • Each Kata is made up of an individual fighting-move, and putting them together creates a kind of Warrior-Dance. 
  • The forms need some form of self-control, motor-memory, and install self-discipline in the individual. When used in a group they bond together the individuals and create the 'Pack Instinct'. 
  • In doing a kata/form the individual has to visualise a 'living' opponent in order to attack-defend in the way it would be done with a 'real' opponent. 
  • There is even room to extend this use of movement by creating short attack-defend moves with one or more opponents, thus mimicking a real fight. This is done in some Martial Arts, but can be altered to suit a more ritual dance type of movement. 

The first Ar-Kan Form that I developed uses the 33-Runes, each rune made into a movement fitted into a sequence of moves. This is very long and not so easy to learn, but can be split into Four Forms using the Four AEttir. On looking back at this shorter forms would be better suited since they can be learned quickly and thus not become a chore to learn. 

I have done Karate Kata in the past, though I found this rather harder when I restarted training when older, due to the length of the katas. But some of these are invaluable to a Cultic-Warrior Order if we revive them in a form suited to the more esoteric side. The kata we learned for First Dan Black Belt was Tensho which is a very easy one to learn, and based wholly upon short easy moves linked to the rhythmic breath. Higher grades were much longer and harder to learn, and in line with a policy of trying to make things easy to learn, and thus ensure that can be perfected, it is best to stick to short ones. 

The essence of all forms is that the fighter is being attacked by more than one opponent, and has to defend against many, and attack against many. Thus the need for agility and flexibility, having to move, turn, twist etc. The 'Hollywood' style high kicks are of no use when fighting, but in these forms the leaps and jumps can be of use in the 'dance' that is the basis of such forms - depending on age of course (leave me out). 

Weapons Training can also be done with forms, and I have done training with staffs and other weapons some years ago. The best form of weapons-training that we could use for our Martial Arts is that of the Staff and the Twin-Sticks (two short sticks). These need not be bought, and the Folkish Wodenist would be best served making such a Staff and Sticks, of ash-wood usually. Remember, this is being done not as a 'sport' but as serious Spiritual Training. This type of practice must be of a ritual-religious-initiation nature and not for money nor sport, but for spiritual advancement. Runes can be carved or burnt into the Staff/Sticks. 

Allied to the Ritual Forms would be the group-training as done in a dojo (training hall); this means a lining-up of individuals doing a set routine, set moves, and thus working in harmony as group. Again, some martial artists avoid this type of training, but it is useful in building a group-consciousness and 'team-building'. At one time I started to feel that this was unnecessary today, but in retrospect this seems to be a thing needed to build up a 'team' that works together as the 'pack'. 

The one difference than using Japanese, Chinese, or Korean Martial Arts is that everything done in the Ar-Kan Rune-Lag is done in modern English, thus avoiding the need to learn a foreign tongue rather than concentrating upon the actual fighting techniques. Of course, although learning can be done through non-contact, some of the training must be done with semi-contact and then full-contact or it is useless in real life. 

This type of form-work and group-training can be started off through slow-motion moves, thus ensuring the right technique which should precede the right power and force needed. There is another advantage to this, since using a slow-motion type movement actually increases focus and concentration, and it can be allied to rhythmic breathing too. This has the advantage of training oneself to breath correctly and thus avoid the shortness of breath that most newcomers experience because they go in like a 'bull at a gate'. 

Another point to make here is that this is a Spiritual Training at an esoteric level, and a Physical Training at an exoteric level - both should be done together which is how it was in ancient times. Mind-Body-Spirit. There is also the ritual content involved in training, since in the martial arts this forms part of the whole. Starting with the opening of a form, using a ritual mudra (hand-sign) such as used in the Ar-Kan Rune-Lag (Right Hand in a ball, Left Hand clasped over the Right in an 'arch', symbolic of the Sun & The Moon - the Balance of Light and Darkness within the individual. Then there is the Breathing Exercise that follows after the Ritual Hand-Sign, which we need not go into here. The Eastern 'bow' is left out for obvious reasons, since the Hand-Sign can be used before a contest as an acknowledgement to the opponent. 

The Germanic Mannerbund - Part Four


The theme of a group of outlaws living wild in the English Forests is connected to the Cultic Warrior Brotherhoods. Robin Hood and his Merry Men was one of these Cultic War-Bands - English Freedom Fighters - who roamed the area of Sherwood Forest. What we know of them is sparse, and the film industry does little to clear up any confusion, and Robin Hood was certainly not a champion of the 'meek and weak', but a bringer of justice. In one of the tales he is said to have held a Mete-Wand which is a staff used for measurement, in this case symbolic of the bringing of justice and right in a time of tyranny and injustice. 

Folkish Wodenism uses the theme of Robin i' the Hood as the 'Son' of Herne the Hunter, an aspect of Woden as the One-Eyed Hunter God. In this he is, in line with the Myth of Herne the Hunter, adorned with Stag's Horns on his head, and is the Lord of the Trees, Lord of the Forests, and Lord of the Animals. This is a very ancient Aryan Archetype that is the basis for the Forest God. Of course, Wid-Ar the Avenger is also the 'Forest Warrior' - the 'Forest God'. 

The Hooded One is Woden, and running through the theme of Robin Hood and his Outlaw Band is the need for secrecy and to be hidden away from the rest of society as Wolf's Heads. There is something important in this idea, since the time will come when those opposed to this sick, rotten, degenerate society will be forced to get out of it somehow, or forced to move 'underground', much as the secret orders and secret societies had to do in the past. 

One such Secret Order was the Geheimgericht (Secret Tribunal) or Tugendbund (Alliance for the Promotion of Virtue), better known as the Fehm-, Behm- or Vehmgericht. It is very difficult to sift fact from fiction when dealing with secret societies, and most start off as something far different than they end up, because these can easily be taken up and used by an oppressive state as a kind of 'secret police'. The Fehm was supposedly started in the time of Charlemagne to suppress the Heathen Saxons; when it was revived in the fourteenth century the members of the Vehm were known as Die Wissenden - The Illuminati. 

There are doubts as to what we have been left of this subject, since Guido von List has nothing bad to say of the Vehm. They summarily executed their 'victims' by hanging them on a tree, which may suggest that the term Vehm, in its alternative Behm, derives from Baeume Gericht (Tree Law). Generally, they hung them using a rope of willow twigs, since hemp was forbidden in ancient law, and on a Lime Tree (Linden Tree). The German sacred geographer Joseph Heinsche stated that these were sited on geomantic-points or power-points of the Earth. This suggests something more ancient that the Christianity of Charlemagne.

They used a ritual dagger stuck into the ground to show who was doing the hanging, and to warn others not to interfere, under penalty of the same fate. This dagger bore the letters S.S.G.G. which were said to stand for Strick (Noose), Stein (Stone), Gras (Fear), Grein (Quarrel). This was an Initiation Cult, and most likely developed from the same roots as the Germanic Mannerbund, since the aim was to enforce Justice and Order on society. Their rules were enshrined in The Red Tower which is an Arthurian allegory because in the Forest of the Red Tower Parsifal discovered two knights hanging from a tree. 

The act of hanging from a tree as a punishment, and that these took place in the forests of Westphalia, Saxony, suggest some connection to Woden in the very early times. There is no doubt that this idea was taken up and used by Charlemagne and the Christian Franks, but that does not mean that it was invented at this time. The revival and the link to King Arthur also suggest that this was again used for a specific purpose by the state. There have been other examples of this type of secret order arising in times of tyranny, in Germany prior to World War II, the other in the USA. 

The importance to us here is that there may come a time when secrecy is indeed needed, and in times of tyranny, though of course using different methods, there is a need to create a balance through the bringing of justice and order. One of the most important things is to revive the symbolism that was used by such orders, since they will be firmly impressed into the Blood Memory, and that will be enough to make people know what is being done to right wrong, even if they do not know consciously.

Wednesday 22 February 2023

The Germanic Mannerbunde - Part Three.

I decided to take down this part and redo the whole thing, since what I had done in some hast did not really fit with the theme that is unfolding in this series.This is the revised edition.

This part will take a quick look at the Wolves of Vinland which is a group established in the US. Their set-up is that of an alternative society with their own unique Folk-Community, but it is based upon the Cult of Manhood through using Martial Arts in the form of MMA - Jiu Jitsu styles of fighting. Gym training is part of the work to build up fitness and stamina, as well as self-discipline. They are totally opposed to the Established Order and seek to break free of the shackles of thraldom in such a society. Their structure is much like a biker club, which also forms part of their dress-code, and some do ride bikes.

The one thing that sets them apart from the normal 'club' is their use of Heathen Ritual as part of their lifestyle. Using a form of down-to-earth ritual that would certainly awaken Primal Forces theirs is not based upon the usual rites used in most pagan & heathen work. They use face-painting and other arts which formed part of ancient groups and rituals. Their work is very much akin to the ancient Germanic Mannerbund, and thus something to look to for the means to revive these Oath-Brotherhoods.

There is no doubt that the Wolves of Vinland is a Cultic Warrior Brotherhood based upon the Heathen Cult, using some Heathen Symbolism and the Sacred Runes. Paul Waggener, one of the founders of the Wolves of Vinland, is proficient at rune-workings, and no doubt more off the members are too. Their work is also towards a self-reliant Folk-Community since they hunt for their own meat and (I think) grow their one food to an extent. So this really is a community set apart, and is thus constantly attacked by the US State. 

We have many biker clubs here in England, some with Folkish Heathens as members, but not in the sense of being a Folk-Community set up for self-reliance and self-sufficiency, although most have their own 'club-house' and other facilities they use as a group or groups. Setting up a Folk-Community here in England is rather different than the US, since here we are such a small island that it would be very hard to find places where a group could operate without interference, and the only real 'wilderness' is in the Scottish Highlands. 

There was an attempt to create a group based upon the ideas of the Wolves of Vinland, but this failed after the police raided one of them and the whole thing shut down. This is hardly something that will help our struggle, and I do know that one of those involved lives in the same village as a prominent WF-C Activist and will have nothing to do with him. Throughout the years some WF Activists have been subjected to these police raids or visits from 'Prevent' (Anti-Terrorist Squad before that), and we are still going despite the harassment. That it what it is, they have nothing whatever on us for doing anything wrong, so they intimidate and try to frighten us off. Clearly it works on some! Clearly this is not the case with the Wolves of Vinland.

The Germanic Mannerbunde - Part Two.


"Truthfully, in this age those with intellect have no courage, and those with a modicum of physical courage have no intellect. If things are to alter in the next fifty years then we must embrace Byron's ideal - the Cultured Thug." Jonathon Bowden.

Unfortunately, Jonathon Bowden died before he could see the onslaught that befell us with the 'covid crisis', so we do not have fifty years to achieve this aim, which I see as being the right way to go. I have said before that in my own view we need to go a step further with this, through a three-fold 'New Man' -

  • The Warrior-Hero
  • The Thinker.
  • The Mystic. 
All of this forms part of the Germanic Mannerbund, which we are dealing with here, and which I believe we should revive in a suitable form that would serve our purpose in this era - the darkest period of the Great Year Cycle. The Mannerbund were a war-band and cultic-brotherhood that acted as the Guardians against the Forces of Destruction, in a constant struggle to maintain the Cosmos and Cosmic Order. They were the earthly counterpart of the Einheriar, the Warriors of Woden who fought the mythical battle against the Joten, and were the protectors of men against the Fenris Wolf. 

At the individual level we need to create the 'New Man', the Warrior-Thinker-Mystic, whilst at the same time incorporating the individual with a new Aryan Mannerbunde, the Lone-Wolf within the Pack. The members of such an Aryan Mannerbunde would be Cultic-Warriors within a Cultic Oath-Brotherhood. Woden is the Mythical Leader and the personification of the Heri - the War-Band. Thunor is the Archetypal Warrior & Serpent-Slayer who is the Mythical Warrior of the Aryan Mannerbund. Now, in truth it is perhaps wise for us to honour Thunor on April 23rd rather than 'St. George'; some Odinists honour Sigurd on this day, and we have done so in the past, but the roots of the Myth of Sigurd lie in the Archetypal Serpent-Slayer who is Thunor. Both Sigurd and Beowulf are 'Dragon-Slayers' or 'Monster-Slayers' but it is the god Thunor who is the Ur-Type of this ancient myth.

These cultic-warriors formed guerrilla war-bands that learned hardness, self-control, stealth and strategy, as well as survival tactics. This was done through living wild in the wilderness, not settled by moving around, through the cattle-raid and abduction of the women, and thus fighting with rival tribes. Such things, going against the trend of the 'progressive' times, ensure a healthy, strong, disciplined people with survival skills and the ability to live through their own work and efforts. This is the difference between Wilderness Living, which is a settled state living in harmony with Nature and the Folkland, and the 'Heathen' living outside the boundaries of the settled tribe, having to survive and live off the land, always aware of the dangers in living this way, and thus overcoming any fears that they started out with. It is more likely that one day we shall have to become 'Survivalists' before we ever get to the stage of 'Wilderness Living' - especially here in England where there are few places to go to hide from The System. 

Hunting was always a practice for warfare, and that is why it is still today associated with the aristocracy, because it was practiced by the noblemen of the Mannerbund. In a sense this was an earthly manifestation of the Wild Hunt, associated with the Wild Host. This is why up to our times the fox-hunt had the same symbols as the ancient hunter-bands -

  • Black & Red which were colours of the Mannerbunde.
  • The Hunting-Horn that sounded before the hunt, because this would have been the role of the 'Warner' because this was a sacred hunt, and thus a warning to the uninitiated would be needed. 
  • The war-cry 'Tally Ho' which is formed from old Germanic cries associated with the Wild Hunt and the One-Eyed Hunter-God. 
  • The Horses and the Hounds are a major feature of the Wild Hunt and the Wild Host.
  • The 'blooding' of the novice would also form part of an ancient ritual cult. 

Tuesday 21 February 2023

The Germanic Mannerbunde - Part One


The whole idea of research and study into the ancient Germanic Mannerbunde is not merely to look back into the past but to take stock of the past and how we can, in our own time, revive some of the most useful concepts of our forefathers. The Mannerbunde was made up of young aethlinga warriors who were sent out as Lone-Wolves or Wolfish Bands into the wilds to hunt and fight for their survival in the most harsh conditions. If young people today were subjected to such rigorous training the social services would seen get involved. And here lies the problem, since young men need to go through some forms of hardship and training in order to become strong men. This is denied them, although parents can, in some small degree, help by not bringing young boys up in totally soft conditions - martial arts, strength-training and survivalism are some ways to do this. 

In this Swedish bracteate we see what is most likely Woden as a Horned God, bearing the Solar-Horns & Lunar-Horns, a sword and two spears, in the pose of the Long Man of Wilmington. He seems to be leading a Wolf-Warrior in a war-dance; he is here the leader of the army of the ecstatic wolf-warriors. The Wolf-Warrior is a Wolf-Krieger or Ulfhedhnin, and the horned figure seems to have the right eye missing.

Woden's role in this Warrior Cult is as the Heerfuhrer or 'Leader of the War-Band'; but using the term 'Fuhrer' is not an arbitrary one, since this title links him to the Teuton Fury or Wolf-Fury which is the basis of the Wod-Force, and Woden is the 'Master of Wod'. The word here, here, heri is usually translated as 'army' but its origins lie in the idea of a war-band, a Cultic-Warrior Band. We find this term in the rod for the 'Single Combatants' or Einheriar. 

Here we should look at the idea of the Einheriar since they are the Chosen Warriors of Woden who ride out of Valhalla to fight the Last Battle at Ragnarok. They are thus the Warriors of Valhalla in this sense, but in another sense they could be seen as the Lone Wolves who are the last to stand here in Middle-Earth against the Forces of Darkness. They are the One-Harriers who stand alone and isolated in an alien world but who are ready and willing to stand behind the Heerfuhrer when he arises to lead them into the Last Battle. 

The Old English hergian, herigan means 'to make a predatory raid, to destroy, to lay waste, to plunder, to despoil, commit ravages', and the modern English 'to harry' and 'harrow' stem from this too. War was razzia, the theft of cattle and the abduction of women; this seems clear from much later times when the Americas were being settled by pioneers, and cattle-rustling was one of the 'pastimes' of this era. In later times, such a the Viking era, we find much the same thing, but at this time it was mainly gold and not cattle, since gold had replaced cattle as a means of barter. This is shown in the rune-poems where the Old English Poem has 'cattle' for Feoh, and later substitute 'gold'. This was called by the PIE *koryo-no-s and the troop were the *koryos; we shall refer here to the war-band as the heri since this is the Germanic title.

These were Cultic Warrior Brotherhoods and Thunor was chided by Loki as being an einheri which tells us that Thunor is the Archetypal Cultic-Warrior. These Cultic-Warriors upheld the Totenkult (Cult of the Dead) and the Ahnenkult (Cult of the Ancestors). Woden its the Totenfuhrer im Totenheer who leads the Army of the Dead, and the dead are the honoured ancestors - the Immortals - whose life force, that divine spark, is far more potent after death than before they died. It matters little whether they died in battle or of old age, it was their life's work that counted. Believing that one has to die on battle to go to Valhalla could mean that the individual only has to fight one fatal battle to do so; this is like the Christian view that it only needs a death-bed 'conversion' to do the trick. The secret lies in a Heroic Life that ends in death, where the Life-Force lives on, but it lives on in its own Immortal Body which cannot die again. 

The whole theme of 'Halloween' or 'All-Hallows Eve' is that of an Ancestral Cult and Cult of the Dead. The skeletal dress, the weapons, the ghostly aspect of the dead, the point of the year when the Veils of the World are thinnest, even the 'Trick and Treat' which is supposed to be a modern addition, but which has its roots in the Cultic-Warrior Cults. Between October 31st (Halloween), November 5th (Fire-Festival) and November 11th (Einheriar Day) we have a long ritual period dedicated to the Totenkult and to the Ahnenkult. 

Both the Wild Host or Wild Army and the Wild Hunt are connected to these Cultic Brotherhoods, hunting being a kind of practice for warfare at this time. In blackening their faces and body, and wearing masks, these Cultic-Warriors are Woden's Daemonic Warriors - they are the Dead! This is a concept that arises anew in Lord of the Rings where Aragorn leads an 'Army of the Dead' into the Battle of Pelinor Fields. 

Sunday 20 February 2022

The 'Cultured Thug'

The last post I did on this blog was in August 2018; this blog has been inactive since then. Over the past three years or so things have taken a drastic change for the worse, as we all know from experience. It is now even more imperative to take the way suggested by Jonathon Bowden - 

"Truthfully in this age those with intellect have no courage, and those with a modicum of physical strength have no intellect. If things are to alter during the next fifty years then we must embrace Byron's Ideal - the Cultured Thug."

Jonathon Bowden. 

Jonathon died on 29th March 2012, well before the time when the Global Powers decided to kick in with their Global Agenda by forcing the pace of it. So he did not know that we do not have fifty years to change things - our pace must be hastened to keep up with this. 

We are now 'Wolf's Heads' in a world that has rejected and abandoned its people altogether; those who rule today care nothing for their people any more - if they did before, that is, but they did not show it outright as now. But the idea of being a 'Wolf's Head' in a society based solely upon economic materialism, rejecting the Spirit of Man, cannot be a bad thing. Time moves towards decay and death, and though the Global Elite may not wish to see it, so does their Old Order - for that is what it is - the Old Order! Their 'New World Order' is merely the result of thousands of years of intrigue and subversion aimed to corrupt and destroy the old rulers, whose energy was spent anyway. They have now replaced this with their own tyrannical rule - which it has to be since they would have no respect for what they are doing - if people realised it, that is. Their 'New World Order' is a sick parody of the Aryan Imperium and the Sovereign King which descends from the Godhead.

In my own opinion there needs to be a new way of thinking today; we need to give honour, loyalty and be truthful to our own, but in facing an enemy that deceives, lies, cheats and has set out destroy our people we have to deal with in a very different way. Laws should be there to protect the people, to ensure a future for the people, and for the future generations, as well as to protect the past - our roots. When laws are enacted that are designed to destroy a people then those laws should have no place in our thinking. When the law is an ass then it must be treated as such! And those that try to uphold such crooked laws. 

Unfortunately, we can see all around us that the mass of our people are little more than sheep - in fact it would probably be insulting to the sheep to say this. They are little more than 'robots', programmed from outside to do the Will of the Lord of Shadows. But we must not forget that this has happened due to incessant indoctrination which has been going on for decades, and which it is hard to fight off. I doubt if any one of us can say that we have not in some way fallen foul of this, because in this society the 'opposition' is in some cases controlled by The System. There is as much disinformation out there as there is information. There are varying degrees as to how far people have been led down the wrong path, and if we think carefully about it we can recognise that it is our role to counter the System Indoctrination. If we make a good job of it then more people will come to see the light, if we don't then things will not change. 

Sometimes it looks as if the people are held under some form of spell; and to some extent this is probably true. The media, press and the world wide web of illusion has a very powerful affect upon everyone who uses them. But this is not the limit that these people can go, since we are dealing with the sort of set-up we find in Star-Wars, where the tip of the triangle is held by the 'Emperor' who is a very powerful sorcerer. Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker use magical weapons - Light Sabres - but the Dark Emperor is a very powerful sorcerer who uses Mind-Magic against those who wishes to subdue. We are, at the top, dealing with such people.

It seems just like a section of our society, world-wide, has suddenly 'woke' to a call from a sinister and dark, hidden, force. I don't normally use the word 'woke' since it is 'System-Speak' and above all, the wrong grammar altogether. To counter this we use the war-cry - England A-Wake! - using the cry of 'The Wake' - Hereward the Wake. The people can only be awoken to their plight using symbols, and working at a very deep level - the Group Soul. 

Having said these things there is something that I would add to the ideas of Jonathon Bowden, and that is the need to create a 'New Man' whose make-up is threefold, rather than twofold -

  • 1. The Thinker.
  • 2. The Cultic-Warrior.
  • 3. The Mystic-Warrior.

  • 1. The Thinker is more on the intellectual side, using logic and intelligence to be able to work things out, analyse, and to process methods of how to further our own aims. 
  • 2. The Cultic-Warrior is no mere 'fighter' or 'thug' (*) but has a religious outlook on life and is a Spiritual Warrior, which becomes a great advantage if this is done right. Part of this is the ability to use Intuition and 'Gut Feeling', as well as the ability to control the emotions which can be used positively. This also involves self-discipline and order to an extent - mixed with a bit of Chaos for good luck! 
  • 3. The Mystic-Warrior goes beyond these two since this brings in the Esoteric Arts, and the use of higher states of consciousness. This entails the study of the Occult Arts - of Magic and Mysticism - and the subtle Energy-Forces that are symbolised by the Ancient Runes. 
(*) That is not to say that I reject the idea of the 'Street-Fighter' or 'Thug' since these are the first to get involved in a fight because that is what they do, and they were the first, no doubt, to enrol in the wars throughout the ages. There is a place for this so long as there is always a leader-group disciplined and ordered to lead them. 

Actually, this is nothing new, since we find such a set-up in the Eddas when Rig incarnates on Middle-Earth to create the Four Castes. The AEthlinga or Caste of Earls is a noble caste of warriors, but Rig taught to them the arts of hunting, fighting and also the Ancient Runes - this was the role of the Earls, so they were not just fighters but also Mystic-Warriors. In later times the Knight's Templar were Religious Warriors, and these type of societies or orders fought in 'Holy Wars' which steps up the level of war somewhat. In fact, if we look at this carefully it creates warriors with a much fiercer outlook, who are fanatical (that is a religious word) in fighting a 'Holy War'. We can see the fanaticism in the Muslim Extremists today, because they are fighting a 'Holy War' (to them), even if we don't see it that way. But the Knight's Templar were an ordered, disciplined force, well-trained and efficient in warfare. 

A religious movement must be built upon a sound foundation first, and must have intent, purpose and aims - as well as ideology, ideals and a weltanshauung. Even if a movement is crushed, the cause must be carried on by others. The cause is what is important, and this gives rise to the idea of 'martyrs' - those who have died (not necessarily fighting) throughout the years that such a cause has been operating. This is where an Ancestral Rite (*) should be in the form of a Hero's Rite - the 'Fallen Heroes' - and not just speaking of our own families and friends, many of whom will have had no part in this cause. There is room for an Ancestral Call which revolves around the family and friends at the Yuletide Rites. 

(*) The Ancestral Rite is 'Einheriar Day' or 'Heroes Day' and this should involve the Mythical Heroes of our Folk as much as those who have 'fallen' during the struggle we are fighting. We do not fight alone in this struggle.

From the above we can see that the War-Band Leader (on the left), who is Woden in this case, wears the Solar Horns and the Lunar Horns which are the Powers of Light and Darkness in balance. These are cultic-warriors doing a cultic-warrior dance which seems clear by the stance which Woden holds. When doing our Spiritual Exercises what we do is to use the symbolism used in Wing Chun to start of any form - the right hand makes a clenched fist (ball) which represents the Sun, and the left hand is arched over the right whilst the fingers are not quite touching, making a Crescent Moon. 

The Death's Head Symbol is important since it is the Sign of the One-Eyed Death-Hunter - Woden. It is symbolic of the Wild Hunter-God - the Wolf-God and Raven-God. The use of the Wolf-Hook Rune is also important, since this is the Rune of Resistance - Withstandan. This is also connected to the Cultic-Warrior and the War-Band who represent the Cult of the Dead - Totenkult. 

The individual can have great strength alone, but a group of individuals, self-disciplined, self-trained, and self-educated, can be an even more powerful force. And in situations that are hard to overcome there is certainly strength in numbers, so long as the individuals are strong-willed in themselves. The Wolf-God - Woden - is the Leader of the War-Band - the Heri. These are never great in number, but always greater in strength, courage and ferocity. 

Woden is the Master of Wod - the Woda-Force: Ingwe is the God of the Will - the Fire Within. Woden and Ingwe are two important gods, as well as Thunor who has great might and main. Freya is the Battle-Goddess who should also be honoured in the Sacred Groves. Ingwe represents the Will - the conscious and forceful Will, the Immortal within the Mortal, and the mediator between Heaven and Earth - between Gods and Men. 

It is this Fiery Essence or Inner Fire that animates, and which is the Fire of the Spirit. Agni is the 'Seven-Tongued Power of the Will - Force of God-Instinct with Knowledge' - which applies also to Ingwe. Ingwe (Heimdall) comes as Rig or Rik because he is the 'ruler' or the 'Sacral King', he who bestows kingship and the Glory of Light - 'Heil'. Our Folk are 'frozen', they are bound by some kind of 'freezing-spell' which has locked them down - Initiates of Fire must arise to break the Ice, to melt the Ice, and to free our Folk - just as Idunn lay under the White Wolf-Skin (snow and ice) and had to be freed at Ragnarok. Gandalf wore the Ring of Fire (Narya) and used the Fire of Anor against the Balrog - his was the Feoh-Rune - Rune of Fire. The Ken-Rune is the Power of the Will - with Knowledge.

The Horse Twins - Hengest and Horse - are also important to the Cultic-Warrior, since they protect and guard, they guide and show the way. Here we see them as the 'Dancing Warriors' on the Sutton Hoo Mask. Notice the Twin-Swords at the top centre, and the Twin-Spears at the bottom centre create the Ing-Rune. These are the Sons of Ingwe. Again, they wear the Solar-Horns and the Lunar-Horns, the Solar-Horns ending in Bird's Beaks, and may well also be Serpent Symbols too. The Sacred Belt is also worn by the Cultic-Warrior; the buckle (not worn here) is symbolic of the Hara-Centre - a Power-Centre in the human body. The spears point to the Sole and Heel of both figures, and it has just occurred to me (after all this time) that these words may represent Sol and Heil -

Sol - *saawel - 'Sun'.

Heel - *kenk - Old English hela. 

This may be a play-on-words since hela could also related to heil; this is mere guesswork but it does seem logical. Achilles was vulnerable in his heel, the only place that he could be slain. 

Thursday 9 August 2018

The Barbarian

'We cannot get beyond our present level of culture unless we receive a powerful impetus from our primitive roots. But we shall receive it only if we go back behind our cultural level, thus giving the suppressed primitive man in ourselves a chance to develop....The existing edifice is rotten. We need some new foundations. We must dig down to the primitive in us, for only out of the conflict between civilised man and the Germanic Barbarian will there come what we need; a new experience of God.'

Carl Jung

We English need to recognise our roots in Germania, as part of the Germanic Folk, and then we can try to educate those from other nations who are also ignorant of our roots. We also need to recognise that the Sword of Hengest passed from the 'Fatherland' (Germany) to the 'Land of the Son' (England) as foretold in the Beowulf Saga. It was with this sword that Hengest and his brother Horsa came here to these islands to stop the spread of the 'Religion of Evil' and in turn took the land by the sword for the Germanic Tribes already here, and for the English Tribes who came over with him and after him. 

The only reason that the term 'Celtic' is used is because the Old Order is sorely afraid of the arising again of the 'Germanic Barbarian'. Christianity sought to tame the 'Blond Beast' and yet it burst its chains, and since these time fear has been instilled in the enemies of our Gods and Folk - fear of this 'beast' breaking free once more. 

'As the Christian view of the world loses its authority, the more menacingly will the blond beast be heard prowling about in its underground prison, ready at any moment to burst out with devastating consequences.'

Carl Jung (1919).

There seems to be some connection between these ideas and the primitive Serpent-Brain said to be the older part of the human brain. Here we need to reconsider the symbolism of Yggdrasil, where the Serpent lies coiled around the roots of the World Tree. We would thus think of the 'base' of the human spine, where in Indian Lore the Goddess Kundalini lies dormant, waiting to be awoken in order to rise along the spinal column. However....since it seems clear that the Sacred Tree is seen to be upside-down then the Serpent must lie coiled at the top and not the bottom. Its movement is both up-and-down as shown by Ratatosk but when considering this the runes run from top-to-bottom, from Feoh down to Gar. Everything in the Warg Age (Kali Yuga) is upside-down hence the reversal of values

On the Sutton Hoo Mask the Serpent starts at the back of the neck, moving across the crown of the head, and then linking to the 'Mind's Eye' or 'Third Eye' between the eyebrows. The eyebrows and nosepiece make the symbolism of the Irminsul which is another version of Yggdrasil. It has been said that the Serpent-Brain lies at the base of the neck so here we may have a hidden secret relating to the awakening of this 'Primal Beast'. Certainly, this part of the brain seems to be linked to the 'primitive'. 

Perhaps the most famous 'barbarian' is Conan the Barbarian the figure created by Robert E. Howard in 1932. The name 'Conan' is from the Irish relating to the 'dog' or the 'wolf' ('canine'); he is said to be a 'Cimmerian', a tribe who lived in the area of the Black Sea next to the Saka or Scythians. These were an Indo-European tribe who obviously migrated there much earlier from more northerly areas of Europe. Howard based it upon a 'pre-Celtic' people originating in Atlantis. In The Phoenix & The Sword he wrote of the time this happened -

'Between the years when the oceans drank Atlantis and the gleaming cities, and the years of the rise of the Sons of Aryas.'

The 'Sons of Aryas' relates to the Aryans, Abir Taha has used the name 'Arya' for the Aryan Goddess of Light in her book Arya. The name was also used in Tibet in such names as the goddess Arya Tara. It is not so well known, and has been kept so, that Howard was in frequent contact with the science-fiction author H.P. Lovecraft and exchanged ideas between them. Lovecraft's work was done through strange and terrifying dreams that he had, dreams of the 'Great Old Ones' and the 'Elder Gods'. 

In some way our own era is not so unlike that of the times when Howard set 'Conan the Barbarian', for we are nearing the end of a cycle that has already brought upon us two devastating world wars, a 'war of terror' that continues for ages, and the world on another brink of disaster, just like Atlantis. From the ashes must arise a new Barbarian Age - an Age of Heroes. This is the 'Fifth Age' known to the Greeks, the age that follows the collapsing Dark Age or Age of Iron. 

'Wotan's reawakening is a stepping back into the past; the stream was dammed up and broken into its old channel. But the obstruction will not last forever...and the water will overleap the obstacle.'

'Wotan' - Carl Jung. 

Woden is associated with the wind, and this is related to his role as a 'Storm-God' or 'God of the Hurricane' (*). In his 'passive' role as Seer and Wise Old Man his 'breath' moves us in a very calm way; in his 'active' mode as the 'Storm-God' he blows like a 'hurricane', smashing down all of the obstacles, breaking the shackles and freeing the 'Blond Beast'. The calm precedes the storm is a common saying that rings true of yesterday and of tomorrow. The Seer and Wise Old Man give way to the 'God of Fury'. This is ever how it shall be.

'He shows that Wotan is not only a god of rage and frenzy who embodies the instinctual and emotional aspect of the unconscious. Its intuitive and inspiring side also manifests itself in him, for he understands the runes and can interpret fate,'

'Wotan' - Carl Jung. 

We are back with the idea of balance and in particular the balance of opposites held within the figure of Woden. When we talk of the 'Barbarian' we are certainly not talking of the 'primitive savage'; this is not how Conan the Barbarian is portrayed. Yes, strong, virile, a warrior-hero, indeed a 'king' in his own right for his strength and warrior-hood gain him a kingdom and kingship in the end, but certainly a man of will and intelligence. He is the product if an advanced age - the Age of Atlantis - but an age that collapsed, as today the era we live in is on the brink of collapse. 

Jung tells us that Wotan is a 'psychic factor which acts on the high pressure of civilisation like a cyclone and blows it away...' Woden is not a god of 'civilisation' but an archetype that bursts out in a frenzy of energy and fire, smashing down everything in its path. Even when Christianity arose to 'tame the Blond Beast' Woden did not die, he slept in the Sacred Mountain (Kyffhauser) awaiting the time when his Ravens would call him back to 'life' -

'He is the God of Storm and Rage, the one who unleashes passions and the lust of battle; moreover he is a superlative magician and artist in illusion who is skilled in all Occult Secrets.'

'Wotan' - Carl Jung.

We are seeing these 'passions' here within the people of England today, a passion that is being channeled in the wrong direction, so as (once again) to stave off the inevitable - the coming storm. Woden stirs the passions, working not through the intellect but through the emotions and instincts. Instinctively, the English know they are losing their freedom, and they will instinctively fight back. Our great Enemy knows this and has taken steps to channel it away from exposing those who have really taken away their freedom. Nevertheless, Woden works deep within the Soul of the Folk and can break out at any time. 

It is down to groups like ours to invoke this aspect of Woden, as we have been doing for some twenty years or more now (this started before WF was founded and was part of the work of the White Dragon Kindred). We recognised that Woden had a very different aspect than the one most Odinists were aware of; in a way this is due to the role of Odin in the Eddas, a work written down by Christian scribes. The figure of 'Arrow-Od' in one of the sagas comes closest to the 'Wild Man of the Woods' with his coat of bark, and even our own figure of 'Robin Hood' has undergone the subtle mellowing through Hollywood. But, from the various bracteates and images of Woden we find a very different god, a much more primal figure, and even with his 'son' (Wid-Ar) we find a return to the image of the Woodland God. This is the image we developed within WF, the archetype of a primal Barbarian God. 

Talking of the 'Serpent-Brain' Woden is not often identified with the Serpent, but in a dream back in 1989 I received the image of a Hooded Serpent (Cobra - which is a symbol of Shiva) and we have the knowledge left from Central America that Votan was of the Race of Chan, a name meaning 'Serpent'. In my own dream Woden was clearly master of this 'Serpent-Force' since he sat before it in complete control. 

The above figure shows a Sun-wise directional force, a rotational Serpent-Force; the Sun has often been symbolised or connected to the Serpent. The heads point in the opposite direction, suggesting that this contains a balance of opposite forces, one Sun-wise and one widdershins - against the flow. This is a spiral-force shown in two-dimensional form - a Coiled Serpent. The Fire-Serpent is certainly the key to the awakening of Higher Consciousness, but it may also be the key to the awakening of the Barbarian Consciousness.

When we think of Rome we think of empire and civilisation, but Romulus and Remus were 'pirates', they were part of a barbarian tribe who raided and plundered - part of the Heri who 'harried', taking women and plunder as they swept in from the North. They founded Rome. The same goes for Hengest and Horsa who were 'sea-pirates' or 'sea-raiders' who raided and plundered these lands that were civilised by Rome, at a time when Rome was losing its grip on power. The Vikings were the same, called Heri by the 'civilised' and Christian English, raiders and pillagers - Barbarians. The Divine Twins are clearly associated with the Barbarian, and even occur in the legends of Attila the Hun and Genghis Khan, both of whom, like Romulus, slew a brother or half-brother.  We find a dim remembrance of this in the Wuffingas of East Anglia - the 'Sons of the Wolf'. As founders of a tribe or dynasty the Divine Twins are Barbarians. 

The 'Global Empire of Darkness' will fall as surely as Rome fell to the hordes of barbarians from the East and the North. But there are today no 'barbarians' out there to crash down on a global scale, so the energy and drive must come from within. The Archetypal Myth is unravelling, and will come about no matter what the obstacles are. We clearly see a pattern unfolding through the Archetypal Myth of the Horse Twins; one twin dies whilst the other lives on and conquers, true of every one of the pairs mentioned above, though not in all cases does one slay the other. We can in fact see that there was a link between Hengest and AEtla the Hun, apart from the legend of the sword 'Battle-Flame' being passed to Hengest. Hengest's son, Octa, has the name of a nephew of AEtla the Hun - Octha - which can be no coincidence. Associated with the Divine Twins is a Magical Sword - Sword of Victory. The legend is found in the Legend of Attila the Hun.

(*) The word 'hurricane' stems from a Central American god name Huracan; the two aspects of the name - 'hura' and 'can' suggest links to some form of Woden ('White God of the Americas') or Votan ('Chan'). Even the name of this clan - 'Chan' - based upon the Serpent, can be related to our Kan-Rune which is itself a 'Serpent-Rune' or 'Dragon-Rune' associated with Fire and Knowledge. The root of 'Kundalini' - kun - can be seen in *kan which is an Indo-European root meaning 'to generate' or 'to kindle', clearly associated with Fire.