Thursday 23 February 2023

The Germanic Mannerbund - Part Four


The theme of a group of outlaws living wild in the English Forests is connected to the Cultic Warrior Brotherhoods. Robin Hood and his Merry Men was one of these Cultic War-Bands - English Freedom Fighters - who roamed the area of Sherwood Forest. What we know of them is sparse, and the film industry does little to clear up any confusion, and Robin Hood was certainly not a champion of the 'meek and weak', but a bringer of justice. In one of the tales he is said to have held a Mete-Wand which is a staff used for measurement, in this case symbolic of the bringing of justice and right in a time of tyranny and injustice. 

Folkish Wodenism uses the theme of Robin i' the Hood as the 'Son' of Herne the Hunter, an aspect of Woden as the One-Eyed Hunter God. In this he is, in line with the Myth of Herne the Hunter, adorned with Stag's Horns on his head, and is the Lord of the Trees, Lord of the Forests, and Lord of the Animals. This is a very ancient Aryan Archetype that is the basis for the Forest God. Of course, Wid-Ar the Avenger is also the 'Forest Warrior' - the 'Forest God'. 

The Hooded One is Woden, and running through the theme of Robin Hood and his Outlaw Band is the need for secrecy and to be hidden away from the rest of society as Wolf's Heads. There is something important in this idea, since the time will come when those opposed to this sick, rotten, degenerate society will be forced to get out of it somehow, or forced to move 'underground', much as the secret orders and secret societies had to do in the past. 

One such Secret Order was the Geheimgericht (Secret Tribunal) or Tugendbund (Alliance for the Promotion of Virtue), better known as the Fehm-, Behm- or Vehmgericht. It is very difficult to sift fact from fiction when dealing with secret societies, and most start off as something far different than they end up, because these can easily be taken up and used by an oppressive state as a kind of 'secret police'. The Fehm was supposedly started in the time of Charlemagne to suppress the Heathen Saxons; when it was revived in the fourteenth century the members of the Vehm were known as Die Wissenden - The Illuminati. 

There are doubts as to what we have been left of this subject, since Guido von List has nothing bad to say of the Vehm. They summarily executed their 'victims' by hanging them on a tree, which may suggest that the term Vehm, in its alternative Behm, derives from Baeume Gericht (Tree Law). Generally, they hung them using a rope of willow twigs, since hemp was forbidden in ancient law, and on a Lime Tree (Linden Tree). The German sacred geographer Joseph Heinsche stated that these were sited on geomantic-points or power-points of the Earth. This suggests something more ancient that the Christianity of Charlemagne.

They used a ritual dagger stuck into the ground to show who was doing the hanging, and to warn others not to interfere, under penalty of the same fate. This dagger bore the letters S.S.G.G. which were said to stand for Strick (Noose), Stein (Stone), Gras (Fear), Grein (Quarrel). This was an Initiation Cult, and most likely developed from the same roots as the Germanic Mannerbund, since the aim was to enforce Justice and Order on society. Their rules were enshrined in The Red Tower which is an Arthurian allegory because in the Forest of the Red Tower Parsifal discovered two knights hanging from a tree. 

The act of hanging from a tree as a punishment, and that these took place in the forests of Westphalia, Saxony, suggest some connection to Woden in the very early times. There is no doubt that this idea was taken up and used by Charlemagne and the Christian Franks, but that does not mean that it was invented at this time. The revival and the link to King Arthur also suggest that this was again used for a specific purpose by the state. There have been other examples of this type of secret order arising in times of tyranny, in Germany prior to World War II, the other in the USA. 

The importance to us here is that there may come a time when secrecy is indeed needed, and in times of tyranny, though of course using different methods, there is a need to create a balance through the bringing of justice and order. One of the most important things is to revive the symbolism that was used by such orders, since they will be firmly impressed into the Blood Memory, and that will be enough to make people know what is being done to right wrong, even if they do not know consciously.

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