Wednesday 22 February 2023

The Germanic Mannerbunde - Part Three.

I decided to take down this part and redo the whole thing, since what I had done in some hast did not really fit with the theme that is unfolding in this series.This is the revised edition.

This part will take a quick look at the Wolves of Vinland which is a group established in the US. Their set-up is that of an alternative society with their own unique Folk-Community, but it is based upon the Cult of Manhood through using Martial Arts in the form of MMA - Jiu Jitsu styles of fighting. Gym training is part of the work to build up fitness and stamina, as well as self-discipline. They are totally opposed to the Established Order and seek to break free of the shackles of thraldom in such a society. Their structure is much like a biker club, which also forms part of their dress-code, and some do ride bikes.

The one thing that sets them apart from the normal 'club' is their use of Heathen Ritual as part of their lifestyle. Using a form of down-to-earth ritual that would certainly awaken Primal Forces theirs is not based upon the usual rites used in most pagan & heathen work. They use face-painting and other arts which formed part of ancient groups and rituals. Their work is very much akin to the ancient Germanic Mannerbund, and thus something to look to for the means to revive these Oath-Brotherhoods.

There is no doubt that the Wolves of Vinland is a Cultic Warrior Brotherhood based upon the Heathen Cult, using some Heathen Symbolism and the Sacred Runes. Paul Waggener, one of the founders of the Wolves of Vinland, is proficient at rune-workings, and no doubt more off the members are too. Their work is also towards a self-reliant Folk-Community since they hunt for their own meat and (I think) grow their one food to an extent. So this really is a community set apart, and is thus constantly attacked by the US State. 

We have many biker clubs here in England, some with Folkish Heathens as members, but not in the sense of being a Folk-Community set up for self-reliance and self-sufficiency, although most have their own 'club-house' and other facilities they use as a group or groups. Setting up a Folk-Community here in England is rather different than the US, since here we are such a small island that it would be very hard to find places where a group could operate without interference, and the only real 'wilderness' is in the Scottish Highlands. 

There was an attempt to create a group based upon the ideas of the Wolves of Vinland, but this failed after the police raided one of them and the whole thing shut down. This is hardly something that will help our struggle, and I do know that one of those involved lives in the same village as a prominent WF-C Activist and will have nothing to do with him. Throughout the years some WF Activists have been subjected to these police raids or visits from 'Prevent' (Anti-Terrorist Squad before that), and we are still going despite the harassment. That it what it is, they have nothing whatever on us for doing anything wrong, so they intimidate and try to frighten us off. Clearly it works on some! Clearly this is not the case with the Wolves of Vinland.

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