Tuesday 28 February 2023

The Germanic Mannerbund - Part Seven


In a vivid dream that I had many years ago, one which featured the Wild Army as a kind of 'march' or 'parade', one of the prime features was that of 'The Fool' who was present, as well as a figure clearly associated with Law and Justice. There were the usual dogs and wolves, as well as horses, but the feature we need to look at here is that of Law and Justice. 

When there is total oppression and tyranny of a people, the law becomes an 'ass' and justice is non-existent, then such Cultic-Warrior Brotherhoods are forced to go underground and become the only means of Law and Justice in such a society, as will 'vigilante' groups arise when the police do not bring law and order onto the streets - this is an inevitable move, and only those who forsake true Law and Order that serves the people of that Folk-Nation are responsible for what happens. The link to the ancient Cultic-Warrior Brotherhoods comes from the fact that these were there to uphold the order that their ancestors first created, and they were oath-bound to do so. 

Red is the colour of Justice, thus the 'Red Hound' and the 'Red Hand' (through word-play): the 'Red Cross' (equal-armed cross in circle - sun-wheel) stood over the 'Red Court', with the 'Red Staff' being the Staff of Justice and Right, and the White Staff is symbolic of Law. The 'Hand' (five fingers) wrapped around the sword-hilt is symbolic of Justice, which involves Law and Truth. 

The Rad-Rune contains the above mysteries -

  • Red,
  • Rad - Wheel,
  • Rita - Right Order, Right, Ritual,
  • Rod - Rod of Justice,
  • Rood - Gallows of Justice = The 'Wolf-Tree',

The Primal Laws of Nature are the Divine Law of Primaeval Evolution; the law and justice must serve the people, and laws that do not do so are irrelevant. When tyranny and oppression take over, and there is no justice, then the Outlaw takes his place in history, and it is the duty and responsibility of the Cultic-Warrior Band to fight such tyranny and oppression and bring Law and Justice to the Folk. 

The role of the Shadow-Warrior is important in these times, since some form of secrecy and 'working in the shadows' is necessary. The Cultic-Warriors hunted in the night with nets and clubs, whereas the tribal hunting took place in the day with the spear or bow and arrow. This also applied to war, when the war-bands would fight in the darkness of night. In Japan the role of the Ninja was similar, and these Shadow-Warriors arose when the Samurai became a state-instrument against the people. Hence the black-clad Ninja fought in the shadows and in the dark as the 'Invisible Warrior'. The Sceadu-Beorn ('Shadow-Warrior') had the same role in Germania, hence the black garb and the black flag, as well as their weapons being blackened. 

Pestilence - wars and rumours of wars - famine! The first two of these we have had, the last we keep hearing threats of - food shortages. The constant barrage of propaganda about 'food shortages' will become the greatest problem here, since after a time people tend to ignore this, since it has not happened. The world-wide policies on food and the deliberate destruction of farming can only lead to world-wide food shortages and thus to famine on a grand scale. The signs are that this could happen in the near future - maybe in three years time (2026). Famine will be the problem, but the total breakdown of law and order when people fight each other for food and their survival will prove even more testing. Time is short, and the need to recreate the Cultic-Warrior Order is even more important.

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